My HeroScape Stuff... well most of it.

I have been annoyed with storing all my figures in one big bin, and map tiles in one big box. So I gave up the cash and bought some stackable drawers and added some wheels to make this portable storage tower.

Drove all the way to Ontario on the 17th to play in a HeroScape tournament, and I lost every game by a hair, or technicality, still had fun though.

I have also updated my "ideas" page... it is now two pages, one for figures, and one for rule ideas. I was not gona make figure ideas but I couldnt help it.

Added a map that uses just 2 master sets, and gave the few of my maps a name. If anyone sees these names in use for maps already, please let me know.

Added some more pages, added a few ideas to my ideas page...

Messing around with some HTML code to start a page to make my HeroScape Maps and stuff available...

For now I will just post a few untested maps I made. I have them labeled as TEST versions, until I get around to finalizing them, I have already made a few changes on them so there will likely be more versions before they are done. I will accept comments from them from any groups willing to test them, since I do not have many good players to test them with. Clicking their Image below, will link to their Virtual Scape file... I do not yet have PDFs made.